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This Inelz Glow deal includes:

1) Inelz Glow products

Inelz BB Glow Starter Pack 12x8ml that contains all 5 shades. It allows you to test colors based on your skin tone. It is also ideal for a professional practice. Warning: Inelz Glow products should only be used with nano-needles and in the superficial dermis (~0.25-0.5mm). Please follow our Inelz Tutorials step by step.

2) Tools for the Inelz Glow: the Inelz Pen

The Inelz Pen has a frequency of more than 18,000 penetrations per minute and a high battery life (2x500mAH).

The Inelz Pen comes with 2 single-use refills, two removable and rechargeable batteries with a battery connector, a wall charger with EU socket, manual of use as well as a hard plastic storage box.

The micro-needles are sterilized by gamma radiation and sealed in an airtight pouch, i.e. they are guaranteed at 100% without contaminant on delivery.

Benefits of Inelz Glow Kit

The Inelz Glow allows:

      • To give unified and hydrated complexion
      • To have a baby skin
      • To make look good permanently
      • To do without BB or CC cream
      • To do your make up without foundation
      • To be beautiful from night to morning!

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