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Oh My Genes is a new DNA testing company that wants to monopolize the market by providing an attractive all-in one testing service. We have tried and reviewed their services, comparing it to the big one: 23andMe.

Please note that Inelz Mag gives a review and scores on products/services independently. We are absolutely not affiliated to any company that we test.


Oh My Genes: The verdict

Oh My Genes test is the best we have done from the health aspect. Every detail contained in the reports is impressive, easily understandable, and very helpful.

BUT, when it comes to the ancestry one, the company fulfills its promise by giving your full ethnicity breakdown but that's it... There is no additional tool to learn more about our history or any DNA relatives finder (that 23andMe offers).

In conclusion: if your priority is health & wellness, then Oh My Genes is the way to go. On the other hand, if your priority is ancestry, then we would rather recommend 23andMe or AncestryDNA.

Gentiqo website
  • Ethnicity breakdown report
  • Additional Ancestry tools
  • Inherited diseases reports
  • Health risks reports
  • Brain wellness reports
  • Skin reports
  • Training & nutrition reports
  • Medication reports
  • Overall ordering process (incl. shipping)
  • Saliva collection process
  • Brand packaging design
  • Customer service
  • Are the results easy-to-understand?
  • Recommandations quality
  • Dnomium results interface (interactivity, design, etc...)

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