MassInsta review: the best mass stories looking tool

Forget about massfollowing people or massliking! Try the new trend of masslooking stories.


MassInsta is a new Instagram growth tool that allows you to watch automatically more than 1 million stories of others per day. This trend is known as stories masslooking. Due to the 9th June 2019 biggest Instagram update against accounts doing spam follow/unfollow tactic on their plateform, IG growth-hackers have now found this new way to grow exponentially their accounts.

How does masslooking stories works?

Very simple. When you post a story, what happens? Your followers watch your story and few minutes or hours later, by curiosity, you always check who is looking your stories, right? Now let’s imagine you scroll into your viewer list and you see a very unknown profile there. You click on it, and find this profile very interesting. You like his/her pictures, and you start following this account. That’s all this technique is about.

Everything is automated. The real owners of these accounts are in fact not really watching your stories. These are only robots doing it. They catch your attention by entering into your statistics and play with human curiosity.

Is masslooking effective?

Here at Inelz we decided to try this new masslooking trend. We tried the tool known as the best on the market on four different accounts:


The first account was a female account containing a profile picture, quality posts and a followers count of 500. We activated the masslooking tool for 800,000 views per day and tested it for one week. The results were unbelievable. Every 5 minutes she was getting different type of engagements on her posts (likes and comments). Concerning the followers, she went from 500 followers to approximately 2500 followers in just one week!


The second account was a male one containing a catchy profile picture, quality posts, and a followers count of 1000. We activated the masslooking tool for 800,000 views per day as well. The results were also impressive. He was also getting tons of engagement on his posts. The followers count went from 1000 to 2300 in just one week!


The fourth account was a female account containing everything in the 1/ but with less quality posts. It grew from 200 followers to 900. It received lot of engagement too but not as high as the 1/


The fourth account had just a profile picture with no posts… This account grew only from 400 to 500. However, we noticed in the statistics that the profile visits were the same as all other accounts above, meaning that the conversion rate was very low probably due to no posts.

Conclusion on Massinsta

We can conclude that masslooking stories with MassInsta is an extremely effective way to grow especially if you have a quality profile. This technique is being used by more and more people throughout the weeks so we would advise you to take your benefits from it as soon as possible before it gets saturated.


Our Massinsta review

If you want to skyrocket your Instagram game, you should definitely try MassInsta. MassInsta is more than a simple masslooking stories viewer, it is an all-in one plateform that also allows lot of other actions such as scheduling your posts through the month, giveaway challenge tool, etc...

  • Design of the plateform
  • User-friendly plateform
  • Masslooking efficiency

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